On 4 April 2016 Angelfish announced it had made an investment into 4 Navitas (Green Energy Solutions) Limited (“4Navitas”).

4Navitas is a UK based engineering company that specialise in renewable energy technology. Based in Lancashire, 4Navitas have developed new technology to manufacture a vertical axis wind turbine, designed by 4Navitas with 11 patents pending and partnering with SIEMENS AG. The current manufactured turbine, the 4N-55, has significant advantages over traditional horizontal wind turbines. Its smaller size, mobility, ease of installation and lower cost makes it an ideal energy solution in a number of circumstances.

4Navitas will be utilising the funds to upgrade an existing sited 4N-55 turbine from a 55kwh to a 75kwh capacity.

Additionally Angelfish has an option to acquire the upgraded and sited 75kwh turbine. It is further the intention of the Company to work with and fund future projects sourced by 4Navitas either directly or in partnership under a joint venture agreement.

With support from partners including SIEMENS AG, the 4Navitas turbine promises to be a technology that has massive potential worldwide with 4Navitas already having signed its first international licencing agreement for the UAE and with licence enquiries from the USA, Australia, India, Indonesia, Czech Republic and Italy.

The 4Navitas turbine has significant advantages over traditional horizontal wind turbines. Its smaller size, mobility, ease of installation and lower cost makes it an obvious energy solution – especially for remote locations, military and aid situations where power is needed quickly, securely and efficiently.

4Navitas have already established a revenue stream in the UK market, retailing the product to farmers and semi-urban land-owners, where power can be generated in a relatively small space, at a fraction of the cost of standard energy providers, and without the lasting impact or commitment of a larger horizontal wind turbine.

Having established its production line 4Navitas is now looking to expand to a lucrative international market, on a much larger scale and with order enquiries from several countries is looking to scale up its production output and take advantage of this promising scenario.

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