Just Bee Drinks

On 10 April 2019 Angelfish announced it had agreed to subscribe £150,000 for 1,840,000 Ordinary A shares in Just Bee Limited (“Just Bee”). This investment, which forms part of a total equity fund raise of £292,000, will represent an equity stake of 9.14% in Just Bee following completion of this funding round. In addition Angelfish will provide a working capital loan to Just Bee.

In addition Angelfish will provide a working capital loan to Just Bee.

The principal terms of the loan agreement are as follows:

  • The facility will be up to £100,000 at a coupon rate of 10%.
  • The loan may be drawn on demand.
  • The loan is supported by a first ranking fixed and floating debenture over the assets of Just Bee.
  • The loan is repayable no later than three years after drawdown.

Just Bee is a 100% natural juicy water drink, sweetened with a drop of honey. It is sugar tax compliant with no added sweeteners and sits within the fastest growing soft drinks market segment. The brand was developed by beekeepers and also has a social and ethical mission to protect bees, helping to plant bee-friendly wildflower patches across the UK, with 5 millions flowers planted to date.

Just Bee drinks are stocked in independent stores and cafes across the UK – plus in the following national retailers… Boots, Waitrose, Coop, Booths and WHSmith. 




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