In 2013 Angelfish Investments Plc (“Angelfish”) announced an investment in One Media Enterprises Limited (“OME”).

In December 2017 Angelfish announced that OME had been acquired (“the Acquisition”) by OneLife Technologies Corp. (“OneLife”) a public company listed on the OTC:US with a ticker symbol “OLMM”. To facilitate the Acquisition, OME agreed to repay in full the investment and loans made to date by Angelfish together with payment of management fees charged and an uplift on amounts due. The total amount payable to Angelfish is US$1,000,000 in cash in instalments plus the issue to Angelfish of 200,000 shares of Common Stock in OneLife and warrants to subscribe for 200,000 shares of Common Stock in OneLife, exercisable at US$1 per share for a period of five years from the date of grant. Further details can be found in the Angelfish announcement link below:

The One Media Group (“OneMedia”) is engaged in the marketing of computing tablets and other mobile devices. OneMedia’s strategy is to focus on exploiting market niches to deliver private label, purpose-built tablets and other mobile devices. OneMedia’s strategy is also to provide customised hardware and software technology solutions to market segments which OneMedia’s directors believe are under-served and enterprise factories are unable to efficiently service.

In co-operation with its manufacturing partner, OneMedia has developed an advanced and the only standalone (SIM) touch screen wrist wearable for the healthcare market – ‘telemedicine’.

As a data acquisition and utilisation company, OneMedia’s primary focus is leveraging existing and developing technologies to create a multi sensory AI driven intelligent healthcare ecosystem/platform that alleviates many of today’s healthcare inefficiencies.

OneMedia can therefore track patients/monitor vital signs 24/7 with real time alerts for doctor intervention and call -back treatment. It is highly scalable, fully encrypted cloud based and able to connect to millions of devices/sensors. The AI driven core enables continuous learning for analytics and predictive analysis.

OneMedia captures data through two proprietary devices:
① The Sensation – the standalone (SIM) touch screen wrist wearable.
② The Tricorder – a handheld that works in concert with the Sensation to provide further applications in extending “over the fence” hospital care.



OneMedia Ecosystem:
In addition to the Sensation and Tricorder , the OneMedia Ecosystem is open to both medical and 3rd party service providers benefiting in two ways:
① Cover more hospitals that are using various medical devices.
② Rapid accumulation of valuable health data to provide data analysis services in the future.

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